Registration fees to XV Latin-American Congress on Organic Geochemistry

Registration up to June 22rd June 23rd to Sep 7th after October 23rd
Profissional R$ 800,00 R$ 900,00 R$ 1.100,00
Profissional (member)* R$ 620,00 R$ 700,00 R$ 900,00
Student R$ 400,00 R$ 420,00 R$ 520,00
Student (member)* R$ 320,00 R$ 350,00 R$ 450,00
Guest R$ 250,00 R$ 250,00 R$ 250,00
* supporting document required.
Registration Short course 1
Short course – basic
(Course 2,3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 e 9)
Profissional R$ 300,00 R$ 200,00 R$ 220,00
Student R$ 200,00 R$ 75,00 R$ 120,00


Bank transfer / Deposit – available only for Brazilian citizens.
Bank: Brazil
Ag.: 2799-5
C.c.: 33225-9
Favored: SOE ALAGO 2018
CNPJ: 12.477.288/0001-79

Credit card (PayPal) – available for Brazilians and foreigners.

The expenses of participation include access to the Congress folders/documents, attendance certificate, opening ceremony, scientific sessions and coffee breaks.

Guests of congress attendants will be able to access the event after paying R$250,00 fee , which includes access to the opening ceremony, scientific sessions, and coffee breaks (certificates not included).

Registration will only be confirmed after payment and all the personal data provided in the application form.

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The Alago 2018 will offer a dinner dance restricted to the participants and their guests. The interest to join the dinner should be signed in the form. However, subsequent registration will be allowed until 15 October 2018.
Dinner dance Fee - R$150,00.


The pre-congress and post-congress activities are reserved only for those who attend the event. There will be 20 vacancies available for each course. The field trip will admit up to 25 participants. In case of cancellation of the mentioned activities, the participants will be duly notified.
Course registration fee until October 15th, 2018:
Basic course - R$ 150,00 Profissional and Student R$80,00.
Advanced course - R$ 250,00 Profissional and Student R$150,00.


Field trip registration fee until October 15th, 2018 - R$ 220,00 (includes transportation). Student fee R$ 120,00.


The executive committee will send the certificates by e-mail until 30 days after the end of the Congress.


  • For cancellations requested by email before September 14th, 2018, the refund will be up to 60% of the total amount paid;
  • The refund amount will be refunded up to 60 days after the end of the Congress;
  • Refund requests will be not accepted after the September 14th, 2018.